Black Power, Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice - Memoir of Nkechi Taifa traces the rebellious journey of a young woman coming of age during the Black Power era and the social justice lawyer she becomes.

Black Power, Black Lawyer

ISBN 978-1-7347693-0-2 - Paperback

ISBN 978-1-7347693-1-9 - Hardcover

ISBN 978-1-7347693-2-6 - E-book

My story is both solemn and salacious. It is part memoir, part textbook, part study guide, part expose! Black Power Black Lawyer teaches, preaches, rhapsodizes and  tantalizes. It stitches suspense, calamity, humor and wit into a tapestry of history, politics, law, culture and romance.


Whether serious or scandalous, my audacious quest for justice is a gripping commentary on life; the perennial nature of human resistance against oppression; and my earnest embrace of what is fair and correct. Although sometimes raw, sometimes abrasive, sometimes passionate, I offer you my truth, unapologetically, and unfiltered, with honesty and authenticity.


I want my quest for justice as a Black Power advocate and a Black Movement Lawyer to awaken, inform, provoke, move and, at its best, fire you up to either join, or continue, “The Struggle.”



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