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“Nkechi Taifa’s Black Power, Black Lawyer offers us a breathtaking narrative of a life devoted to Black liberation. From the principled defense of political prisoners to demands for reparations, we witness the critical and often exciting trajectory of a lawyer whose work clearly moves us toward radical futures.”


Angela Y. Davis

“Nkechi Taifa is a brilliant lawyer and an extraordinary champion for justice, reparations and human rights. Her memoir Black Power, Black Lawyer is a superb stimulus for a new generation of activists and movement lawyers.”


Danny Glover

Actor, Film Director, Political Activist

Nkechi Taifa is a bold, uncompromising advocate for people of color and poor people everywhere. She resisted mass incarceration and the drug war long before it became fashionable Her gripping life story, as told on these pages, is sure to inspire a new generation of freedom fighters.”


James Forman, Jr.

Pulitzer-prize winning author of, Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America

“The power of a black hole in space is as strong as a dream of justice on earth. Neither will ever be seen but we continue to spin closer and closer to the sun that lights the skies and the stars that sing a sweet song. We look, in other words, for books to give us hope. That’s why we not only read but write. Nkechi Taifa is sitting on a cloud and we take this wonderful ride with her.”


Nikki Giovanni

Award-winning Author, Poet

“Nkechi Taifa has been on a Quest for Justice for African people all of her life. We have worked intimately together in the legal work around our request to the Obama Administration for a posthumous pardon for my father, Marcus Garvey. The highest accolade I can give to Nkechi, is that she is a true Garveyite. I unreservedly recommend, “Black Power, Black Lawyer.”  

Toujours l’audace,


Julius W. Garvey, M.D.

“As we witness the dawning of a new day, we stand on the shoulders of the struggles of yesterday. Nkechi Taifa’s memoir arrives at a perfect time – passionate, powerful and personal – connecting oft-missing dots. A critical book to all who believe Black Lives Matter. Free the Land!


Rukia Lumumba

Founder, People’s Advocacy Institute &

Co-Lead, Electoral Justice Project of Movement for Black Lives

“Nkechi Taifa’s riveting memoir is both easy-going and explosive, written with sass and candor  A captivating book remarkably noteworthy for today’s times.”


Sonia Sanchez,

Award-winning Poet and Author

“Killing me softly with her words.” Nkechi Taifa’s story, Black Power Black Lawyer, resonates with me as a #BlackPowerBlackDoctor coming of age in the same era; continuing the ongoing struggle and ensuring an enduring legacy.”


Deborah L. Bernal, MD

Author, Self-Mothering: My Mothers’ Council

“Nkechi Taifa’s memoir vividly describes her fascinating journey from an inquisitive young girl and sister in the struggle for Black liberation, to becoming a leading catalyst for reparations, criminal justice and human rights. A brilliant people’s attorney and an energetic and inspirational speaker, Taifa is one of the most multi-talented and dedicated scholar-activists and policy advocates of this era.  Black Power, Black Lawyer describes her rare ability to connect with leaders and constituencies – from community-based grassroots organizations, to the halls of Congress and the White House. She also shares personal accounts of romance, motherhood, betrayal, and intrigue – topics rarely part of most discussions. Nkechi Taifa’s memoir is, unquestionably, an exciting and gripping read.”


Dr. Ron Daniels, author

Still On This Journey: The Vision and Mission of Dr. Ron Daniels

President, Institute of the Black World 21st Century

Nkechi Taifa’s Black Power, Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice, is every bit as audacious as the subtitle promises. More, it’s a dramatic, deep, and very useful history of the modern-day Black freedom struggle. At this critical moment, with an unstoppable national uprising of Black people demanding an end to state violence, Nkechi’s book provides an invaluable guide to battling for power with creativity and passion. Her own path to becoming an indomitable fighter for justice not only provides a guide but also a history for all who are just beginning to wonder how our alleged democracy has gotten so far without respecting the rights, even the basic humanity, of so many people. Honest, educational, funny—what more could be asked of a memoir?


Laura Whitehorn,

proud and grateful client

“Black Power, Black Lawyer is a must-read for anyone - from high school students to veterans of life and activism -  who wants to learn about efforts for human rights and Black liberation. Nkechi Taifa uses the power of storytelling to provide a personal and honest assessment of political struggle at the intersection of multiple organizations and political ideologies. A lifelong pursuit of justice as a lawyer and enduring love for historical assessment allow Taifa to turn personal reflection into analysis about the evolution of the New Afrikan Independence Movement, the onset and evolution of the prison-industrial-complex and the war on drugs, as well as the ongoing struggles to free political prisoners and win reparations for African-descended peoples. Rejecting the confines of national borders, Taifa’s life story demonstrates how and why an internationalist approach to justice is important.” 


Brotha Ed Onaci,

Scholar and author of, Free the Land: The Republic of New Afrika and the Pursuit of a Black Nation-State

“In recognition of Nkechi Taifa’s fascinating reveal, her previously untold stories are courageously and unapologetically spoken from the heart. With emotion and candor these suppressed facets of a valiant era in Black history should be essential reading for any American who values truth and discovery of what actually went down during a period often referred to as, “The Struggle.”


Anuli Street,


Sister Nkechi is Dynamic and Powerful; a Renaissance woman with unlimited energy and passion for the building up and fruition of Black Power and Black People.  Long before I got to know her personally, she worked tirelessly with giants, my great uncles, Imari and Gaidi Obadele, and she continues the legacy of Nation Building. Her book not only chronicles the struggles for New Afrikan liberation, but talks of the present and where we as a People go from here.  #BlackPowerBlackLawer is a must read! In the words of Dr. Obadele, Sister Nkechi is, “In The Struggle.”


Maynard M. Henry, Sr., Esquire

Civil Rights Attorney and Activist

“I met Nkechi during my first year at Howard University. It was after my performance of Sonia Sanchez’s “Malcolm” at the African American Civil War Museum where the D.C. Black Power Chronicles convened. From that moment on, I learned from this audacious sista, not only about her life, but about Chocolate City, about our struggle, and what a real quest for justice looks like.

Black Power, Black Lawyer is living history. She speaks to Mekhet, to After. She weaves a story that speaks the unspoken, honors the ancestors, and will both challenge and inspire the present and future generations. In this moment of heightened awareness around the brilliance and excellence that comes from our nation’s HBCUs, Nkechi is one of Howard University’s finest. If you did not know Nkechi Taifa before, you know her now. She is a daughter, a sista, a lover, a mother. She is our nsoromma in this beautiful, Black, and powerful struggle.”


Carmen Crusoe

PhD student, Northwestern University

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