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Nkechi Taifa is currently available for virtual bookings and presentations. Future in-person bookings, including book signings, keynote addresses and guest lectures can be requested and tentatively scheduled. 

For fees and availability or for promotional and business collaborations,

please contact agent via email or call 888-245-4789.

For high level events, please consider booking through

All American Entertainment (AAE) Speakers Talent Booking Agency

Nkechi Taifa

Black Power, Black Lawyer

  • Open Up the Casket: The Case for Black Reparations

  • New Jim Crow or New-Fangled Genocide: The Taifa Theory of Mass Incarceration & Racism

  • Struggle for Those Who Struggle for Us: Justice for Cointelpro-Era Political Prisoners

  • Becoming a Movement Lawyer

Law and Justice

  • Justice or Just-Us: Racism in the Criminal Punishment System

  • Time for a New Narrative: From Tough on Crime to Smart on Safety

  • Road blocked Reentry: The Prison After Imprisonment

  • On the Frontlines: The Practice of Law in the Public Interest

Education, Culture and Youth

  • Harnessing the Strengths of Black Heroes and Heroines in Your Everyday Life

  • The Imperativeness of Black History in the Spirit of Struggle

  • Identity, Purpose and Direction: Spread Forth your Wings and Fly

  • Lessons from the Rich Legacy of Struggle

Empowerment and Wealth-Building

  • Unleashing the Entrepreneur in You

  • Change Your Programming from a Poverty to a Prosperity Mentality

  • Don’t Block the Blessing and Sabotage Your Success!

  • Calling All Heroes: Principles of Prosperity from the Past

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