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Fist Up to Books! Are We Better Off...?

I have a wonderful library, accumulated over the course of decades. Many books I’ve read; many I’ve not. This blog series takes a look inside my library…

Are We Better Off: Race, Obama and Public Policy, by Julianne Malveaux (2016). I love me some Julianne Malveaux! Stern, sassy and sweet. As noted in Donna Brazile’s foreword to her book, “Julianne is alternately compassionate and cutting, but always inciting and exciting. Her columns track the Obama presidency with both praise and protest about Americans first “Black President.” My upcoming Memoir, Black Power, Black Lawyer, includes a section on Obama titled “I Feel Good.” I rarely stick around for authors to sign books I purchase, but did for Julianne. She wrote:

“For Sister Nkechi, With admiration for your powerful voice, Julianne Malveaux.

Made my day!


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