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Fist Up to Books! The African American Entrepreneur, Then and Now

The African American Entrepreneur, Then and Now, by W. Sherman Rogers (2010). In this gem of a book Howard Law Professor Rogers explores the lower economic status of Black Americans in light of this country’s legacy of slavery, segregation and rampant discrimination. He shines a critical light on the legal, historical, sociological and political factors that help to explain the economic condition of black people from our arrival to the present. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, which is why I made the decision to have my upcoming memoir #BlackPowerBlackLawyer, independently published. So stay tuned for the upcoming hardcover, paperback, e-book and audio book! Stay tuned to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, bookstores, libraries and big box chains. And send me all your positive blessings as I embark on this entrepreneurial journey! Thank you Sherman Rogers for the inspiration.


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